Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mardi Gras fun (up North)

My new nature/gardening/reflection desk

I bought this desk for J about a year ago thinking she would sit at it in the evening and do her homework(she was at school then). I thought wrong. J is very social and has never sat at the desk in her room to do anything-she wants to be where the action is. So, today I moved her desk into my room so I could have a place where I could read, write and reflect while looking out at the back yard. I love it! Here are some of my nature books along with my newly created orange sunburst beeswax candle(I got the idea from Mom in Madison).

Cool Bookplates!

Check these out-great to include when giving a book as a gift!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Soap, silence and silliness

I've been a little under the weather recently(got a head cold/sinus thing), so I've been busy doing projects with the kids. That way I feel creative/productive without leaving home. First, I made a card for a special friend with the homemade paper from a couple of days ago. Then, we made soap(the heat and pour kind). The kids really enjoyed that and we needed a couple of bars. After lunch a friend called and they ran off to go sledding(thus, the silence). Now they're all in the basement playing beautifully. . .for hours now uninterrupted. I went down there once to turn up the heat and quickly disappeared. I find that the whole play dynamic changes when an adult enters the room. They're much better off left to their own devices. I'm sure they'll call me when they want to be fed!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

In celebration of my Mom

My mother has been waking up every day since I can remember and having a pot of tea (with a teacup-never a mug) and bananas on toast. Everyone in our family knows never to take the last banana, but to save it for my mom. Yesterday she had her birthday in Guatemala. I doubt she was able to carry on this tradition. My poor mom has probably been bombarded with spicy foods for the last 10 days-too much for an Irish mom to take!:) So, here's to you mom! (I do so love my Brambly Hedge tea set) My slide show contains pictures of the Northern Ireland countryside.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Trip to the museum

We got motivated and took a trip to the local natural history museum. We learned about some artifacts of indigenous Native Americans, identified skulls and furs of local animals and played at the tide pool!

To Mom

Happy Birthday Mom! We love you!

Change of plans

Well, we're not in MA. My niece came down with a stomach virus and I'm not feeling 100% either. So, we got creative. We took out our papermaking kit and an old catalog and voila!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Winter Break

The public school is off this week so we are having a little break too. We'll be heading off to my sister's in MA tomorrow hopefully with a stop at the Butterfly Garden in South Deerfield. The kids are excited to see their cousins and I am excited to have a change of scene (and to see my adorable nieces, of course). On the right are some butterflies I hope to see tomorrow.