Thursday, February 26, 2009

In celebration of my Mom

My mother has been waking up every day since I can remember and having a pot of tea (with a teacup-never a mug) and bananas on toast. Everyone in our family knows never to take the last banana, but to save it for my mom. Yesterday she had her birthday in Guatemala. I doubt she was able to carry on this tradition. My poor mom has probably been bombarded with spicy foods for the last 10 days-too much for an Irish mom to take!:) So, here's to you mom! (I do so love my Brambly Hedge tea set) My slide show contains pictures of the Northern Ireland countryside.


  1. I hope Doris sees this. She will love the fact that you are using the set.

  2. Very elegantly photographed. You describe her quirky habit in a very tasteful way. I think you forgot to mention that you carry on the tradition.