Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Signs of spring

Today was a wonderful, windy day. We looked for signs of spring and found bulbs emerging from the earth, small patches of melting snow, pieces of litter which either blew into the yard or were left over from the fall and little lost toys. And of course bunny droppings. . .lots and lots of bunny droppings.
We explored our yard and then ventured through the trees and bushes and over the barbed wire fence and into the field beyond. The kids felt so free. We often take walks from the bottom of our street(a few houses away) into the acres and acres of fields but this was the first time we crossed the fence. We discovered (or rather our friends who were visiting yesterday discovered) that there is a spot where you can quite easily step over the fence. Arriving in the field reminded me of going through the wardrobe to get to Narnia in The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe. It was especially exciting because the wind was blowing so fiercely. The kids love that they've found a "secret" entrance to the fields. When I mentioned cutting back some of the dead branches the kids were disturbed that someone might see a path and "that would spoil everything". Isn't childhood great!


  1. Look at those bulbs shooting out of the ground! Now THAT will make you hopeful of spring when nothing else will. :)

  2. Secret entrances to special places should be a part of every childhood...very important! :)

  3. A secret entrance!? How cool!! :D

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    Thank you!!

  4. Great pictures Jane. It makes me want to get out to a nature spot!