Thursday, April 9, 2009

Making the most of the sunshine!

It's been dreary here for the last week or so with more clouds/rain in the forecast. So, when I woke up this morning and saw the sun I decided we needed to spend the day outside. J and B went out early and played on the swing set. J spent a long time setting up the swing so she could get on it from the slide and then drop off the slide and swing. Does that make any sense? I should have taken a picture. Then, it was woodworking time. They played a game in which J was teaching woodworking to B. B was busy making holes in his sticks by rubbing one stick on another (should have taken a picture of that too).
Next, I boiled up some eggs and they decorated them outside. They had a lot of fun with this and kept their eggs simple this year. We were going to have a picnic but the clouds came back and with it cooler weather. We felt lucky to be out for the best part of the day!


  1. Hey, I LOVE those brown fuzzy clothes! And the sun came back out, yipee! Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. We need J to teach us woodworking. Sounds like a lovely day.