Saturday, April 4, 2009

There's a lot "growing" on in our house

Here's our new hanging plant. Yes, it is a carrot! It should have lovely greens before long. I got the idea out of Get Growing! by Lois Walker.

Then there's the fairy house(still waiting for an occupant).

Our eggshells have sprouted wheat grass. Just in time for Easter!

And then there are the seeds that I've started all over the house.

I can't wait to get planting outside!


  1. Have been reading all day... love you blog! I want to make sure I don't loose you, so have followed you. Thanks

  2. I love the hanging carrot! We were laying on the grass in the front yard today in the warm, warm sun. Spring has sprung!

  3. It's not feeling very springy here today-it's snowing! Just a little bit, but still snow.

  4. I feel the same... love the upside down carrot.

  5. Oh, the miracles of seeds!

  6. I love the Fairy House, beautiful...