Thursday, May 14, 2009

Marbles, bowling and bonding time with Dad

These marbles have provided so much entertainment to my children the last few days. B loves to tell stories with them and they have races and bouncing contests. J has them participating in other competitions. It just goes to show you that the simplest toys can provide the most opportunity for imaginative play. They are both working through some issues with competition!
This afternoon we met some friends for a string of bowling. Here are J and B in action! They'll be going again on Saturday for a Girl Scouts party to celebrate all the cookies J sold this spring.
And lastly, B has been bonding with his dad while playing sports. The minute Jeff gets home he says, "can we go outside and play basketball or football or soccer." He's really gotten good at dribbling the ball!


  1. Hey, I am starting to see a brown fuzzy outfit trend; one that I am quite familiar with!

    Yes, simple toys are best. My boys bought a simple BB gun. How's that for basic?

  2. Whew... Blogger has been giving me such a hard time commenting on blogs where you have to choose a profile.

    Anyway.... I'm inspired to dig out Owen's marbles from the closet.

    I'm lovin' the snazzy orange crocs!!

  3. My youngest has some serious marble-love as well. I agree with the "simple toys are the best" sentiment. :)

  4. Love that marble photo. I so agree about the simple toys being the best. My girls love spending time at my grandparents with "the really old marbles." They have jars of them from when my dad was a boy. Pretty cool.