Thursday, August 20, 2009

My brave little girl

This morning I took J to the dentist to get two teeth pulled (or jiggled as they say). This was not our first time. She went a few months ago but did not like the idea of laughing gas (what they call happy air) and left with teeth intact. She is a very sensitive child and does not like the idea of breathing in something that's going to make her feel different (even if it's different in a good way). Her eyes are sensitive to light, her ears are sensitive to noise (not a big fan of the movie theater) and her nose is sensitive to smells (she has walked out of restaurants because she doesn't like the smells). So, this was not something either of us were looking forward to. But, she did it! I was so proud of her. The laughing gas didn't seem to have any effect on her except for making her feel shaky and she talked the whole time about all the weird sensations she was feeling. I think she's going to be like her mama and have a high tolerance for drugs. . .who knows. Anyway, she went through with it even though she was so scared and today she has a sore mouth and a very proud mama. I hope the tooth fairy appreciates these two teeth!


  1. Oh J, you are a brave girl - two teeth "jiggled" is a big thing.

    Owen and J have a lot in common. NO loud noises or strong smells are allowed. Sometimes Owen has to move away from the dinner table if my husband and I are eating something that is fragrant to us, but obnoxious to him.

  2. Oh - poor J! I hope she's feeling better soon...

    C is the same way - the smells of something she finds repulsive make her run far, far away. I'm like that too, in fact. I think it's a club with a LOT of members!

    Hope J's beautiful smile is back in action soon!

  3. Oh, that is scary getting teeth out! Good for J. :)

  4. I hope her mouth is feeling better today!