Thursday, October 29, 2009

I forgot to tell you

B learned how to ride a bike! We were at my parents' house last week and the kids weren't sure what to do with themselves so I sent them outside to play up at the circle. When I got out there after taking a shower, B was riding a bike. He tried a few months ago when he was there and couldn't do it and when we got home he never wanted to ride. Jeff said to me, "one day he'll decide he wants to ride and he'll be able to do it by himself." That's just what happened. By the time we left my parents' he was riding down hills and over curbs. I'm so proud of my little guy!
Here's a picture of the kids in their new pj's. My mother sends all the grand kids pj's every year. She was always worried about her kids being cold and now she likes to make sure her grand kids are nice and snug. The kids love them-thanks Mom!
I also have to thank Dawn from Renaissance Mama for the new bath products I received in the mail. I was the lucky winner of her generous giveaway a week or two back. I purchased the Rosemary and Orange Shampoo and Conditioner and some Coconut Soap using the $25 gift certificate she sent me. My limp, lifeless hair is now looking shiny and healthy. I love the smell of the soap too. Thank you Dawn!


  1. Elizabeth was the same way with the bike. She was the only one who just decided she wanted to do it and did. It's funny how motivated they can become when we just let them take the lead. Congrats on the new bath products! I hope you enjoy them. :)

  2. Way to go B on the bike! I'm so glad you like the new bath products. :)

  3. Yeah B! So exciting! Binky was exactly the same way. When he was ready he just took off and never looked back!

  4. Cute pjs! the shampoo sounds heavenly. Kudos to B for riding the bike.