Saturday, November 14, 2009

For the love of wolves. . .

B is going to a birthday party tomorrow for a homeschooling friend who is turning 8. This little girl absolutely loves wolves so we thought we'd do a wolf theme for her gifts. First, she let us know that presents are optional and that she would really love it if everyone made a donation to a canine charity. So, we'll be doing that but everyone needs a few presents on their birthday, right?
Here's what we made :

I know the gifts are lacking color but I just couldn't decide on a color for the t-shirt and then I wanted to do a picture frame and I couldn't figure out a way to make it work with the cut out wolves on white background (without taking a huge amount of time to cut right along the edges). So, this is what she'll be getting. Hope she likes black and white! ;)


  1. Wow! You guys made some lovely gifts that really take her interests to heart. She'll love them!

  2. Your gifts are all amazing and I'm sure she will love them!! The t-shirt is really just fantastic :)

  3. What wonderful gifts. I especially love the stationary. I'm sure she'll love it.


  4. What pretty, thoughtful gifts for a little girl!

  5. What thoughtful gifts for the birthday friend! My middle daughter is very fond of wolves, too. :)