Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nerf dart gun math

B was having fun shooting Nerf darts at the window this morning and I thought, maybe I can incorporate some math into this activity. You know, homeschoolers always trying to make everything educational. :) So, I stuck little sticky notes onto the window with various numbers on them. I then called out an equation such as "What's 9 times 5?" and B would have to shoot the answer on the window. He had a lot of fun with this. We did multiplication, addition and subtraction.J came downstairs and joined in the fun too.I'm thinking this dart gun could really come in handy! ;)


  1. HA, what a dork I am. I thought your title post was in German at first.

    I LOVE this idea! The girls would love it. Love his serious ready to shoot expression!


  2. That is a great game/lesson idea. What an inspired teacher you are!


  3. Why didn't I think of that! It's definitely better than Binky trying to hit the cat!!!

  4. Great idea ~ anything to make the dreaded math more fun!!