Sunday, December 13, 2009

I finally got out those knitting needles! Warning: Don't look Grace and Sarah

All fall I've been admiring the work of my knitting blogging friends such as Joy -so many beautiful hats, sweaters, etc... out there to drool over. Finally, I got out the knitting needles to make this little pig for one of my nieces for Christmas. Her name is Sophie and I think all she needs now to be complete is a scarf. The only decision left to make is which niece to give her to!

Later this evening:

That's better. She was complaining of the cold. I forgot to tell you, Sophie's an Irish pig and she's not accustomed to these frigid Vermont winters.


  1. Sophie, the Irish pig...I love it! Her scarf looks so cozy! Maybe you should make them for all the nieces. ;)

  2. So sweet! I tried many times to learn knitting, but there's nothing to do. Well, nobody's perfect. So you can imagine how I love that pig!

  3. Oh Jane this little pig is so cute and you did such a great job! I have tried, and failed at knitting. I can make really long scarves :)

  4. Tara and Sybille,
    You could definitely make this pig! I am a beginner knitter and I had no problem with it. I've given up trying to make stuff from adult knitting books and get books for children. I got this pattern out of a Waldorfy book called A First Book of Knitting for Children by Gosse and Allerton.