Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What we've been doing the last couple of weeks. It's a long post!

Well, yes, we've been doing some relaxing and looking out the window hoping for snow. We did get a little bit of snow (maybe 3 inches) but then it rained and now we only have patchy snow.

But mostly there's been a lot of busyness. The good kind of busyness. The kind that doesn't include running around to malls. Well, I did make a trip to Kohl's to cash in on my $10 gift card that they sent me in the mail. I got a $26 pair of slippers that were on sale for $12.99. So, I got them for $2.99! Woohoo! I'm still excited about it mostly because I went in with my gift card and didn't buy anything else. Supreme self-control. Love those gift cards! But that was it for mall trips. Excellent. What have we been doing instead of hitting the malls? Well, there has been card writing. Shrinky Dinks (I LOVE these) and ornament painting.

Salt dough ornaments.

Oobleck and homemade silly putty.
The trimming of the tree.


Playing with gingerbread playdough.

Making votive holders out of cans. These were later decorated with Sharpie pens.

We also talked about why the water in the can expanded when frozen and pushed out the bottom of the can.
There were gingerbread cookies, The Gingerbread Doll story and we read about the history of gingerbread.

Fun with the advent calendar. This is what they found when they woke up on the morning of the 10th. I've also left little messages, water marbles (a big hit), Shrinky Dink ornaments and cookie cutters.

More Shrinky Dinks. These are addictive!
J made a Shrinky Dink necklace for a Jewish friend.
Look what they got one night for Hanukkah! So, they've also been watching a lot of Looney tunes at night. Candle lighting and potato latkes and Hannukah stories and music.
Hope you're having a festive holiday season too!


  1. Jane it looks like you've been having a blast! Shrinky dinks are so much fun. We love to watch them in the oven. I think we'll have to make some more! I love that book "Light the Lights!" in one of your photos. It's one of our favorite holiday stories. Being home together and making crafts is the best!

  2. You've been busy too! We've got a lot more snow than you.

  3. You guys have so much fun!

    I love the gingerbread idea, what a fun thing to include in celebrating the holidays :)

    Question - what are water marbles? Intrigued by that one...

  4. Busy indeed! All great projects/activities, especially the playdough and the potato latkes which are a favorite here :)

  5. It looks like a wonderful family time where you get to spend time together being creative. Wonderful
    Did you fill the can up with water before hammering the nails in? Is the play dough just regular with ginger added?

  6. Penny, Stevespangler.com calls these jelly marbles. I first got them there but they have them at Creative Habitat too. They are little polymer balls that greatly increast in size when you put them in water. The kids love to play with these.
    Gae, I googled gingerbread playdough for the recipe. Yes, I filled the cans with water and them froze them so the cans wouldn't dent when we pounded in the nails.

  7. And sounds and looks like your family is enjoying a wonderful season of togetherness and creating! Many warm wishes to you!