Monday, May 18, 2009

Shelburne Museum

Our local museum opened yesterday for the season and we were excited to go check it out. I love going to it because it's interesting for both the kids and the adults and the kids have lots of room to run around.

Our first stop, as always, was the antique carousel. The kids ride on this over and over and over again.

Next stop-the Circus Building. Another favorite for the kids. The Kirk Bros. hand carved about 3,500 wooden animals and people from about 1910-1950's. Very cool and much, much more impressive in person.

We saw the train, above, and the Ticonderoga(not pictured-an old Lake Champlain ferry). Had lunch, ice cream and a big bag of skittles.
Then, with full bellies, we lounged around and watched the ducks and the cutest little ducklings. I tried to get them in the second picture.
We checked out the old wagons. This one is a conestoga wagon used for carrying cargo.

We made a stop at the printer's and watched some posters being printed. The printer gave us a little puzzle to figure out. See if you can solve it. It took us a minute or two-the printer was quite impressed!

How quickly can you find what is so unusual about this paragraph? It looks so ordinary that you would think nothing was wrong with it at all, and in fact, nothing is. But it is unusual. Why? If you study it, and think about it, you may find out, but I am not going to assist you in any way. . . you must do it without coaching. No doubt, if you work on it, it will dawn on you. . . who knows? Go to work now and try your skill. Par is about half an hour.

Did you get it???

With our bad luck, we ended up in jail. J doesn't look too sad about it.
We climbed some beautiful flowering trees.

Got hot.

And checked out the bikes one last time.

Now it's off to soccer practice! O.k, If you scroll down you will find the answer to the puzzle.

Answer: There are no e's in the paragraph.


  1. Ok lady, I was going to compliment this post... until I got to the end of the post and didn't see the answer to the puzzle! I'm clueless!

  2. Alright. I'll put the answer at the end. Hee, hee :)

  3. ordinaryathat - second read through, 10-15 seconds. Am I correct? We didn't even see a printing shop, but we did spend a very long time in the blacksmith shop and in the jail!

    I will post a few of our pictures, but they aren't nearly as impressive!

  4. Thanks for sharing pics of this fun day.

    There sure was a lot to see and do.

    I had to scroll down for the answer... my brain
    is not in gear. ;0)

  5. I was SOOO off! And, I need to find the printing shop! I was going to post some pictures, but they aren't very good:( There is one of the boys in the jail looking under the bed because they think they saw a dead rat under there!

    Yummy Skittles!

  6. no e's! i never would have seen that, you are a bunch of smarties over there by the maple tree! ;)

  7. What cute duckies! The puzzle was cute too. I was stumped for a bit. :)