Thursday, June 18, 2009

A conversation overheard

The other day I was out in the garden pulling weeds when I overheard a little conversation going on between J, B and two of their neighborhood friends. The kids were doing some inventing using things such as sticks and pine cones. One child invented an electric toothbrush. "That's already been invented" said J, "and it's really popular". "No, this is an electric toothbrush hand. You sit in front of it and the hand brushes your teeth" said the 6 year old girl. I giggled to myself (this child strikes me as one who doesn't like to do much work). How fitting. Next, I overheard their 10 year old boy friend say that he was inventing a virtual reality video game. Also fitting-this child is very technology savvy. I wonder what J and B are inventing? Well, it didn't take long before I found out. They pointed a stick at me and said, "this is a mind control remote control. Now, run around the house". Again, very fitting. Let's hope these two never run for office! Oh, and watch out if you see J and B coming with a stick!



    and may I say, (grinning) how fitting!!!


  2. I absolutely love listening to my girls' conversations - i'm sure your boys must be the same way - the best entertainment ever (sometimes they give each other those looks like "why is mom always snickering at us?")

  3. Kids have some of the most interesting conversations - and one
    where inventions are involved is great!

  4. lol,Very cute!
    I love those "overheard conversations"