Monday, June 8, 2009

Flying over Vermont

We watched a hot air balloon fly by as we sat on our deck this evening. This was the first of the season-we are usually surprised by three or four during the summer months. Sometimes they land in our neighborhood and we run out from our house to watch them land. Always exciting to watch! Has anyone ever taken a hot air balloon ride?


  1. Beautiful!!!! What an incredible view you have.

    lisa :)

  2. Oh how beautiful that balloon looks!

    I've never taken a ride in a hot air balloon. I think it would be so peaceful, no constant roar of engines, going rather slowly, guided by the wind.

  3. How neat! When we lived in Oklahoma, we would sometimes see balloons fly over our house. And, once a year there was a festival where we'd sometimes see lots of balloons.

    I've never been in a hot air balloon, either, but it one of the things on my "wish list!"

  4. I've never taken a ride, but we have them fly over us several times each summer too. I actually just posted about one we saw last week, I think. It's always so fun to watch.

  5. Never been in one. Not sure I trust them, but they are beautiful to watch! Great pics! And glad to see you are back, I was starting to worry! Did you see the Shelburne News?