Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Here's what we've been up to. . .

Taking a ferry ride from Charlotte, VT to Essex, NY

Playing at the playground in Essex.

Climbing rocks.

Discovering new things to do with a see-saw.

Visiting the Ethan Allen Homestead to learn some local history and play some early American games. In this game, you have to pass the bone behind your back and the other team tries to guess who has the bone when you stop.

J dressed in mid 18th century clothing. Doesn't she look sweet?!

Playing with neighborhood friends.

Celebrating birthdays. B turns 6 on Thursday and we had both sets of grandparents and my sister's family up last weekend to celebrate. My sister also turned 40 on Sunday but she lives in China and could not be with us to celebrate. Happy birthday Cathy!!!

Enjoying time with cousins. We took everyone on a root-filled walk on Saturday by the bay. My three year old niece did a great job jumping over the roots trying to keep up.Pounding on rocks. B literally spent hours doing this on Saturday. I think he was inspired by our recent trip to a quarry.

And visiting the ECHO lake aquarium in Burlington. B is shooting off a rocket here.

J and B are playing in the fog outside the aquarium. The fog is pumped out through these rocks.

Hope you're all enjoying these late spring days!


  1. beautiful pictures.

  2. What fun!! Happy Birthday, B!! I just love this time of year!! Have a great week!

  3. Happy birthday little B. Araina is going to thrilled that he is just 6....she will be 6 on the 22nd. It looks to me that he has the same fiesty spirit as Araina. Maybe an arranged marriage is in order?

    Love that bubble photo!

    Lisa :)

  4. All sorts of fun is happening with your family. Happy Birthday to B!