Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First week of homeschooling

Could it be only last week that we attended the Not Back to School Picnic? A lot's gone on since then. We've attended our first home school swim and sports class, both kids have started soccer and we're getting into a groove with the homeschooling. J is really enjoying the Sonlight curriculum and they're both enjoying all the math games we've been playing. B hasn't really started using his Sonlight curriculum as right now I'm working with him mostly on phonics and handwriting. We've been using Phonics Pathways and Explode the Code. For handwriting he's using the Handwriting Without Tears program and I've seen a lot of improvement in his hand writing in just a week.
J is writing a cat story.
B decided to make a beaver.
This afternoon we met some friends for a late summer romp at the beach. We have been blessed with some really spectacular weather lately and it just wouldn't be right not to enjoy it to the fullest. The kids played in the water and collected clay and sea glass for hours. Everyone was perfectly content. It may be the last lake swim of the season but I think we're all ready for fall now.


  1. we used HWOT for the girls last year. fauna was really having printing issues. i think she had focus issues in all truth though, she found writing boring and would rush through it. HWOT seemed to slow her down and make her focus on forming the letters.

    oh, i have to go see what the exploring natural mystery book is that you have on the sidebar now....

    Lisa ;)

  2. Glad you made it to the beach. The water was surprisingly warm! It has been a week since the picnic, and man oh man, what a beautiful week it has been!!!

  3. That water looks beautiful.
    Enjoy those stories that go with the Sonlight curriculum...there's some good ones in there! We've done cores 1-4.