Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A lovely day for. . .

a little bit of everything. We started off our day with french toast and Sticky Situations. Then we traveled the ocean with Christopher Columbus. We learned about African and Indian elephants and wondered whether we would like to be one for a day. We decided that yes, it would be cool to have a trunk especially so that we could use it like a snorkel.
We worked on handwriting and learned about copyrights and why they're important. There were math games-this one is called Bargain Chasement and it's from the math game book in the sidebar. We had fun with it for a while. . . Then there was a trip to the library to pick up books and story tapes. Next, we headed outside. Be played with his favorite sticks.
J cuddled up with Puddles.

I read some poetry to the kids.

And, of course, the tree was climbed.

We also made a new acquaintance.

Did some felting of who-knows-what.

And we listened to Flush, again.

We were able to add a little bit of color to our nature table and I believe Mother Nature was pleased.


  1. Um, we went to the beach. No wonder the home study office likes you so much more than me. It looks like you had a really great day! I think that Honduran coffee has you on overdrive:)

  2. A lovely day, indeed! And I really like your blog banner, too.

  3. Andrea, I still have to get the home study office a couple things by Friday. You're not alone! I'm headed to the beach tomorrow afternoon.

  4. Sounds like a good day. What poetry are you reading?

  5. Joy, we were reading A Child's Garden of Verses. Sweet poems.

  6. I'm amazed that the leaves are changing color already--I guess the late Labor Day is catching me by surprise.

  7. A great day. I need to bring the nature table back out. It was put away for the summer, and I miss it. I like yours. :)