Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Not Back To School

Today the school bus came by at 7:40 a.m and whisked all the neighborhood kids off to school. What did we do? Well, mama spent quite a bit of time cleaning the kitchen while the kids played with some water balloons we found while I was organizing yesterday. Then, at about 10:45 we got all packed up and left for a Not Back to School Picnic. The picnic took place here. There was much fun to be had. I spent the time socializing while the kids spent about 3 hours playing Never Ending Tag. Do you know this game? Well, it really is never ending.
We got home, the school bus returned all the kids, and out went J and B to run around some more. Where do they get the energy?!

B had his first soccer practice this evening and I stopped by to watch. This is a big deal. Although B is very social he usually does not like to take classes of any sort. But, his love of soccer won out and right now he's dribbling his little heart out.

I'm exhausted. This was a lot of activity for me too after a week recovering from my back going out. I think I'm going to sleep well. Nighty night!


  1. aurgh. I completely forgot until about 1 pm. Sometimes I really hate how disorganized I've become - time to pay attention to my *own* habits!

    Glad you had fun - hope your back stays in "getting better" mode :)

  2. Doesn't it feel great to be outside in the sunshine, enjoying a picnic instead of waiting for the bus??

    Homeschooling rocks! Glad you all had a good day - love the soccer pics :)

  3. It was such a great day for the picnic. We should plan to head up there again some time before next Sept!!! Good luck with day no. 2! I hope it is just as much fun. And let me know how the coffee is:)