Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1, little people in the garden and what's that in the sky?

Today there was some early morning TV watching (we're removing the TVs when school starts and the kids are getting their fill). Then it was off to the doctor for B's yearly exam. 75% height, 75% weight, 20/20 vision and excellent hearing. Now those are numbers that make a mama smile. He was so cute raising his little hand so enthusiastically when he heard 'the sound'. O.k, I'm gushing. But I was thrilled and thankful to hear I have a very healthy little boy.

When we got home there was some bike riding, baseball and lots of silliness. J was thrilled to find out that her voice recorder was not broken but just needed batteries. Then there was a little Rush Hour and some decorating of little wooden people. They decided to make their neighborhood friends and placed them in the garden.

Then some more baseball. And some hollering, "the ice cream truck's here!" Well, of course you need ice cream on the last day of summer (school starts tomorrow). A little football and then. . .
some more hollering. A hot air balloon! Off they went to chase it down while I got out my camera.

September sure got off to a nice start!


  1. September did get off to a good start! I hope J and B have fabulous, interesting and fun homeschool years :)

  2. Love the garden friends!

    Great news about B's checkup- I'm smiling for you too!

    You could sell that next to last shot to the Inn, it's great!

    We're doing the same thing with TV. :)

  3. That does sound like a nice start to September. What fun little wooden people!