Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A festive sort of day. . .

Today we met some home schooling friends at the local skating rink to do some skating to some festive holiday tunes. J and B haven't been on skates since last winter and they were very excited to strap them on. They both did really well out there. Later in the day we made some gifts and decorations. J made some soap for her Earth Scout friends while I tried out making beeswax ornaments for the first time.

I was pleased with the result. The hardest part was waiting for the beeswax to melt. I can be quite impatient-just ask my sister!
I also read to them from The Story of Holly and Ivy by Rumer Godden and the kids watched a Rudolph video. Now, we just need some snow!


  1. What a lovely day! J's soaps came out just lovely- and I want to reach out and smell your beeswax. :)

  2. Holly and Ivy is one of my favorite books!

    The ornaments and soap look great - and you're right - we need snow!

  3. I second the need for some snow!! Owen and I just got back from the playground with our homeschool friends and it was 65 degrees - December is confused.

    The ornaments are really pretty and I bet they smell wonderful too.

  4. Snow, snow, we need snow!!! Sorry we missed the ice skating, I worked, how's that for an excuse? I will know better than to do that again!

  5. what fun! we need to go ice-skating. your ornaments are beautiful!

  6. You're all set!
    Trev was telling Eric (my husband) the other day that he's an expert at skating. He's only been once - when I was pregnant with Maddie! :)

    If you still have any beeswax, and want to try again, I have a honey lipbalm recipe that I'll post sometime soon. :)
    Enjoy the season!

  7. Oh! And it seems that my problems with Blogger are over. :)

  8. Your beeswax ornament turned out beautifully!