Saturday, December 5, 2009

So much goodness

Do you ever feel so full of happiness that you think you just may burst? Well, that's how I feel right now. Life is good. Very good. I love this time of year. . . the celebration of loved ones, the Christmas scents and the holiday fairs. Here's a little look at some of the happiness that's been going on.
B and J making birthday cards for their Papa who is celebrating his birthday tomorrow. J is very excited about her creation.

A few days ago we had a hard day. J decided that it really should have snowed by now and she bombarded me with questions of this sort:
When is it going to snow?
Why hasn't it snowed yet?
Will it ever snow this year?
And statements such as:
It's never going to snow.
I don't like this warm weather.
I want it to snow!!!

I told them we just had to make the best of it and I went inside and made them smoothies. Things seemed to turn around after that.

We tried to make lip balm. The kitchen was filled with the scent of beeswax and coconut oil. Mmmmmmm. The lip balm turned out too waxy and I need to add olive oil and sweet almond oil but it didn't phase me. It was fun making them anyway. I'll try again in the next couple of days.

I took J out last night to the International Festival . We had a lot of fun looking at the various crafts, listening to music and watching the belly dancers. J also got a maple crepe with whipped cream and sprinkles for dinner. You can't beat that!
These are a couple of pictures J took last night with her camera.

This morning I got to have another date with my daughter. We went to two craft fairs. First we went to a fair at the elementary school in the neighboring town. J played musical numbers. When the music stopped she had to stand on a number and if your number was picked you won a cake. She played twice and she won on her second try. This is the cake she picked out. She was VERY excited.

I picked up these cinnamon vanilla candles. Don't they look nice? Well, I guess they don't look that pretty but they sure smell good!

Next, we headed across the street to the Waldorf School's fair. Julia went to kindergarten there and it was fun to take a little walk down memory lane.

Here she is decorating a gingerbread star. That didn't last long.

She also made an angel to hang on the tree (we should be getting that tomorrow).

Lots and lots of goodness. Goodbye for now!


  1. Nice!

    We're headed to the International fair tomorrow, I love the cake Julia picked out!

    I meant to go the the Waldorf Fair today, but never made it... ah well.

    We're making lip balm this week too. Sometimes I think I'm a "Jane-wannabe" but really, it's more like great minds think alike! lol

    May this Christmas contentment follow you through the year Jane! :)

  2. What a wonderful time you are having! I'd be excited if I won that cake, too! It is so much fun to spend this time of year with our kids. We are having a great time ourselves. I think today we are going to watch The Polar Express, eat cookies and make more decorations. Your cat is too funny! Our cat is in love with our christmas tree!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. So happy! So Wonderful! I feel the same this time of year, oh and having kids to share the holiday spirit makes it so much more wonderful! Looks like great days over there and I'm sending snow vibes your way!

  4. I love this time of year too - and it started snowing here around 5 this afternoon so I'm sure you all will be blanketed as well this week!!!

    The lip balm looks fabulous btw :)