Sunday, December 20, 2009

A little gift for my mom

While Jeff was at the hardware store today he found some high-powered non-prescription reading glasses for my mom. She's been wanting some of these for a while but we could never find any-who would have thought they'd have them at the hardware store! Well, he brought home a couple of pairs and then I got to work making a glasses case for them. I'm hoping my mom will actually use this case (she tends not to use my presents and I usually find them in her basement). The one present she does use is a flower vase I made her as a child. Of course, she doesn't use it to hold flowers -instead she filled it up with sand and uses it as a door stop. Oh well, at least it's getting used!


  1. The case is lovely and I'm sure your Mom will love it :)

  2. Really pretty. I love your orange candle too!