Monday, December 21, 2009

This darkest day of the year

brought comfort for an injured hand in the form of stuffed animals, Mrs. Pigglewiggle, beeswax, ice, Hershey's kisses and hugs (and mama's kisses and hugs).It also brought candlelight as a reminder that even in the darkest days the sunshine always returns.
And it brought poetry:
Welcome to you, Old One
Welcome to the snow and ice,
The bitter cloud of your breath,
The pillow-feathered snow
Welcome you in, this Winter day.
May your blessing hold us,
May your chills avoid us,
May the bright promise
Of each clear day
Remind us of your gifts.
Old One, cold one,
Though we fear your storms,
Yet we welcome you
Into our winter hearts,
With your cleansing breath,
To blow away the old year
And usher in the new.
John Matthews: Invocation to the Old One
Hope you're surrounded by warmth and family on this darkest day of the year. Welcome back sunshine!


  1. Oh, no I hope B is okay!! Huggies, as Binky calls them, always make us feel better! I love that candle! Such a cool idea! And that poem is beautiful. I've never read it before.
    Have a beautiful night!

  2. I hope B is ok Jane, and Im glad he has such good company!

  3. B is fine-I guess I should have said that! He closed the door on his hand and today it's all better.

  4. I'm glad your son is feeling better. This is a lovely post. :)

  5. I'm so glad he's ok! That's a pretty sad face in the first photo (still cute though :))

    Have a wonderful holiday Jane and family!!!!!