Monday, September 7, 2009

Organization and a river walk

This weekend I've spent a ton of time getting my house 'in order'. I started by getting out the plastic bins and putting clothes, toys and books in a bin for my sister (Susan please let me know if you don't want these), another bin for Goodwill and another bin for stuff that's beyond saving or passing along. I then got my bookshelves in order. I put all the kids' curriculum in one book case (stuff we're definitely using) and then put other curriculum that we will sometimes use in a roundabout bookshelf. I have this all divided up by subject area. In the kitchen (below) I placed some readers I will use with B and chapter books for J. I also have all my Waldorf picture books and Waldorf seasonal stuff together here.
Then I went through all the art supplies and organized them too. These probably won't stay organized for very long but I can try, can't I?!
The mudroom was a big task. I got rid of a lot of shoes and hats and mittens that no longer fit and figured out what I will need to buy for the cold weather that will be fast upon us. I've finally made room in one big closet in the mudroom for the vacuum, mops and brooms.
And for the kitchen, I bought an office supplies caddy to put all the stuff we use daily into-pencils, scissors, tape, etc... This will just stay on our kitchen counter. I feel so much better starting off the new year organized!

After lunch today Jeff and I did get a chance to go exploring for an hour while the kids were at a friend's house. I love it when I find a new spot so close to home. This is my favorite time of year. . . the leaves have just a tinge of yellow and orange. It really smelled like fall today! We'll see what the rest of the day brings, maybe a nap and then a family barbecue.


  1. Well, I *thought* about organizing today. really. I did. for a solid minute at least.

    hmmm... maybe I'll go do that right now. I know I would feel SO MUCH better once I've accomplished some organizing, especially now that we have officially DITCHED *that* curriculum who must not be named (evil, I tell you, pure evil) in favor of a more gentle life...

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Organization and new discoveries!
    Can't beat that.

  3. Great organization! I like that roundabout bookcase of yours. :)