Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Magical Glow

Tonight we went to Shelburne Museum to see the first annual balloon glow. It was a beautiful night-the sky was clear, the stars were shining and the moon was almost full. As we walked around the museum grounds we were enchanted. There were maybe 12 balloons that were lit up and glowing in the night. It was also fun to walk around the grounds of a place that is so familiar to us but seemed quite new and magical at night. I did my best to capture the evening in pictures but it was really hard to take any good pictures of balloons that were so huge up close.

A balloon being filled next to the light house.

This is the old Ticonderoga ferry in the background. It once took passengers across Lake Champlain.

Do you think the kids had a good time? :)


  1. Great ballooning!
    Your site has changed! I like the new colours. Thank you for visiting my blog and it's nice you found a way to translate it!

  2. What a beautiful banner!
    Gorgeous photos of the balloons, it must have truly been a magical night!

  3. What a magical evening! The balloons are so big and colorful:) I think you captured them very well.

    Your blog looks great :)

  4. OK, you have really passed me in blog skills now, the blog looks great and I love the header! I was just outside this morning trying to photograph a balloon that went over our house! I think your pictures captured the night beautifully!

  5. Beautiful! I wish I had known about this, I love the Museum at night.

    Love the new blog look too - I've been playing around with mine but no changes yet. The new header is awesome!

  6. The new blog look is so pretty, and so are the balloon photos! Hot air balloons glowing at night...they're gorgeous.